Music at Tree Studios

photo by Clyde Stringer 1998

This is our music room, our studio-sanctuary dedicated to the pursuit of music. It's a place where we listen, practice, compose, arrange, record and rehearse. Here we present our latest cd and several earlier recordings, compiled in chronological order. Please check out the photos and listen to samples. Also, please check our calendar for upcoming performances.

Music occurs when the proportions of sound meet within the human body and mind. There, sound coalesces into felt shapes and patterns, where it spans the dimensions of space, time and consciousness. From simple to complex, ancient to contemporary, predictable to spontaneous, ridiculous to sublime, music follows a parallel path to the verbal and visual arts, yet remains wholly abstract. We don't really know how or why, but music takes hold of us all in one way or another.

Keith Vreeland

photo by Keith Vreeland 2007

New CD Release

Bad Dog

Nine unique contemporary original compositions, each featuring some of Detroit's finest musicians with their personal improvisations, celebrating the diversity of jazz.

photo by Alex Sharp 2010

Keith Vreeland and Bad Dog performed
at the 2011 Detroit Jazz Festival!
Keith Vreeland, Piano
John Dana, Bass
Renell Gonsalves, Drums
Vincent Bowens, Saxophones and Flute
James Hughes, Saxophones and Flute