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love the website March 4, 2009
From: Claudia A.
love the website
amazing February 16, 2009
From: Sandra F.
Your work is amazing, Marty! I took a look around your website and love it, AMAZING!!
fantastic February 11, 2009
From: Judy S.
Oh My Gosh, Marty, Your work is fantastic, you can do everything well. I don't know anyone as talented as you. Thanks for sharing your amazing work.
amazing talents February 3, 2009
From: Michael V.
Good God you two are amazing talents. I'd hate you both if you weren't such swell folks. :)))
strong and fragile August 26, 2008
From: Esperanza M.
Hi Marty - I looked at your site and was awed by your work. It is wonderful! Although, lately I tend to lean toward abstracts, I love your portraits. They seem strong and fragile at the same time.
the awesome twosome April 25, 2008
From: Cyndi V.
Some things are always great, but sometimes they just get greater. It brought a couple of tears to my eyes looking at all the wonderful goods on here. You two are awesome. The awesome twosome...
it is all just so amazing April 23, 2008
From: B. C.
I am sitting here with my new laptop listening to Uncle Keith's music - it is amazing by the way! and looking at your artwork - I can't believe how great it all is - I love it - it is all just so amazing
Great Looking Website February 3, 2008
From: Greg M.
What a great looking website, splendid content, good music...
Fantastic work! December 29, 2007
From: Claudia E.
Fantastic work! Keith & Marty... You guys are awesome. God bless!
Wonderful stuff! November 19, 2007
From: Libby D.
Marty, I got a chance to browse your website. Wonderful stuff! Obviously your Dad's legacy lives on through your talent.
true talent November 13, 2007
From: Tim R.
Anyone can make a copy (take a picture) of God's handiwork, like I do, and call their work beautiful, but to throw the paint onto the canvas and make something from nothing, like you have done, is true talent.
WOW! October 26, 2007
From: Susie K.
I checked out your site and it blew me away! WOW! What a talent you have! And how fortunate you were to have that talent nurtured as you grew up! I had no idea Keith also painted. I have enjoyed his CD, but he has more talent than that. What a powerhouse couple you are!
An Artist! September 19, 2007
From: Pat N.
I've known Marty West for a few years. I knew Marty was a talented artist, but, after FINALLY checking out her website last night, I realized just HOW talented! I strongly recommend that you check it out.
inspiration September 5, 2007
From: Kim F.
How great it is to have the opportunity to share the fruits of your labor! It is without a doubt an inspiration to those that have the talent to blossom and grow as such. Your website is groovin - "Keep your head in the clouds and feet on the ground."
Very impressed August 18, 2007
From: Dorothy R.
I'm sitting here listening to Keith's CD, perusing your website and am very impressed with what you are both doing. The talents run rampant in your souls.
looks great August 9, 2007
From: Santi C.
I went to look at your website - It looks great, Keith!
phenomenal July 4, 2007
From: Grace L.
I checked out your website and your art is phenomenal. WOW!
Wow! June 15, 2007
From: Steve W.
had a second to explore your website.....Wow! How cool!
great website June 12, 2007
From: Sue S.
What a great website. Your artwork is fabulous!
Amazing! June 11, 2007
From: Dick T.
I just now looked over your website. Amazing! I have never had the pleasure of seeing very much of your or Keith's graphic art work. Great variety of wonderful work. And the site works great.
VERY NICE! May 17, 2007
From: Dave D.
VERY NICE! and thanks for including Ponce. We still have it hanging in our library.
I am so excited May 12, 2007
From: Nancy W.
Had I come to your page before today the world would have known I am so excited after viewing your passion I don't like to call it work because work seems harsh to me and these are pieces of love blood sweat and tears you are my favorite link.
Your web site is very nice May 9, 2007
From: Kathleen B.
OHHHHHHH....your web site is very nice. It has a nice feel from other sites and I like the Flash player for the portfolio. I love the tree, the name etc. Very cool!
Wow May 7, 2007
From: Scott C.
Wow, this website is awesome! Great artwork and recordings, keep it up.
MARVELOUS! May 5, 2007
From: Kim F.
Keith Vreeland's new disc--MARVELOUS! FANTASTIC...where can I purchase? Good Morning, Marty, you should be proud. Kudos to Keith!
Marty it is your soul... May 4, 2007
From: Nancy
Marty it is your soul that shines and brings the joy out of me when you come into the office it's not me it is so you I love your work I had no idea I knew you were FABOLOUS (not a mistype)
Keith's MUSIC Section May 4, 2007
From: Tree Studios
Web site: Tree Studios
Now posted: Keith's MUSIC section.
wonderful!! March 19, 2007
From: Kate B.
I saw your site. The stuff is great and the site looks wonderful!!
What a wonderful and exciting project March 18, 2007
From: Rick M.
What a wonderful and exciting project. Will look forward to seeing more stuff!
FANTASTICAL!!!!!! March 17, 2007
From: Clyde S.
FANTASTICAL!!!!!! Congratulations....looks great....
See the ART page for our new slideshows March 15, 2007
From: Tree Studios
Web site: Tree Studios
See the new M. West and K. Vreeland slideshows on our ART page.
Next up, we're working on the MUSIC page.
Web Site Under Construction January 26, 2007
From: Tree Studios
Web site: Tree Studios
Welcome to the new Tree Studios web site! We are currently under construction so please bear with us as we complete the pages. Feel free to send us your comments at any time.